Rose Luna House
Restoration / New construction of adobe complex
Marfa, TX

Designing alterations and building new structures at an abandoned adobe dwelling sparked my interest in environmental sustainability, which I pursued while studying architecture at MIT. Staying true to the qualities of the house while designing for the different needs of the present is part of the ongoing challenge of the project. The house owes its beauty to its clear expression of a simple purpose- using materials at hand to shelter a family comfortably in a harsh environment. The adobe bricks that insulate the house effectively against the drastic climactic changes of the desert were formed from the sand and clay of a dry creek bed less than one hundred yards from the site. Many of the traditional methods used to protect the house from the desert climate are in danger of being lost. The relationships forged with local town residents in order to gain an understanding of these time-honored construction techniques are one of the most rewarding aspects of the project.